Message to placate Zeus inscribed on still-grand ancient house at acropolis of Argilos

A monumental house that has survived in excellent condition dominates the acropolis of Argilos. The evidence indicates that it was the residence of the Macedonian commander who had taken possession of the land of Argilos. The house measures 196 square meters. The first floor was used as the living quarters, while on the ground floor there was an olive press, which has survived entirely intact. The style of the building reminds one of Macedonian palaces, though it was constructed on a smaller scale. A marble column on the facade bears the inscription «DIOS KATAIVATOU,» in a reference to a cult of Zeus represented with rain and bolts of lightning, Bonias explained. The residents erected the column at the front of the house to placate the ancient deity after the mansion was damaged, probably by foul weather.