Maritenia Tsaligopoulou-Biziou

She never heard her father refuse to do something because it was «women’s work.» Although a senior air force officer, he never balked at sewing on a button. The mother of Giorgos, 4, Christos 2, and Aristides, 9 months, she has continued the family tradition. The boys already help her with the housework. Tsaligopoulou-Biziou says that in her family, no woman was considered inferior, whether mother or maid, and that she learned early on to assume responsibility. After finishing a degree in law, she went on to postgraduate studies in Milan, then worked in the banking sector before moving to a major stockbroking firm, where she is director of human resources. «I have never had a problem of equality at work, nor do I call myself a feminist,» she said. Tsaligopoulou-Biziou usually gets home around 6.30 p.m. and devotes herself to the children, giving them their baths and playing with them. Her husband comes home later, so they don’t have much time all together. «But children grow up quickly, and so the difficult times won’t last forever,» she said. As to the question of whether there is equality, she says that in the 17 years she has been working, she has seen a great improvement in the way men treat women. «Apart from (things calling for) muscular strength, women can do anything men can, as long as they have the brains,» she said. «Of course, the two sexes complement each other.»