ND retains lead in Skai poll

The conservative government leads the Socialist opposition party PASOK by 2.5 percent in the opinion polls, according to data released yesterday, contradicting recent surveys indicating that the gap between the country’s two largest political parties has closed. The poll, commissioned by Skai radio station, showed that 42 percent of those questioned said that they intend to vote for New Democracy, while 39.5 percent said they would opt for PASOK. The results contradict the data shown in another poll released at the end of February suggesting that the Socialist party had moved ahead of New Democracy by 0.4 percent. Political analysts have been busily analyzing the results over the last 10 days, since the government reached the two-year mark of its current term in office on Tuesday. Of the 963 people questioned, 81 percent said that they are not in favor of the government holding early elections. The conservative government’s four-year term is up in March 2008.