Former law officer charged and jailed

Former investigating magistrate Constantina Bourboulia was charged with a series of felonies and misdemeanors and jailed at Korydallos Prison on Saturday afternoon. Bourboulia had evaded an arrest warrant and was living in Paris, where her sister is a correspondent for TV station Antenna, when she was apprehended by French authorities and, after a two-month legal procedure, deported to Greece late Friday night. Upon arrival in Athens, at 11.10 p. m. local time, Bourboulia was taken to police headquarters where she was held overnight. On Saturday morning, appeals court prosecutor Kyriakos Karoutsos handed her the arrest warrant issued against her, charging her with abuse of power and money laundering. On Saturday afternoon, Bourboulia was taken to the prosecutor's office, where these and other charges were read to her. She rejected the charges and said she would rebut them in a memorandum. Karoutsos then ordered her transferred to Korydallos Prison in west Athens. Bourboulia is charged with conspiracy for financial gain along with lawyers Sakis Kehayioglou and former Court of First Instance President Evangelos Kaloussis; abuse of power and graft, for requesting and accepting bribes in return for clearing defendants; money laundering, in connection with her detailed orders as to where the money should be deposited and the form of transactions involved; and violating the law on craft leasing.