Intact monk’s corpse seen as ‘sign of God’

Church authorities in Lamia, central Greece, have described the body of an Orthodox monk that has remained intact 15 years after its burial as a «sign of God» as medical experts fail to come up with a scientific explanation to the alleged phenomenon. «From the start I believed that this is a sign of God,» said Bishop Nikolaos from the prefecture of Fthiotida. «We are not rushing to make him a saint… and are not calling on pilgrims to worship it,» he added. Despite attempts by Church officials to play down the incident, media coverage of the deceased monk, Vissarion Korkoliakos, has led thousands of people to flock to the site where the body is kept. Church authorities had summoned four local doctors and an Athens coroner to explain the alleged phenomenon. However, experts could only describe the case as unique.