Police form Eurovision safety plan

Police are planning a major security operation for the Eurovision song contest in May, when thousands of visitors will descend on host city Athens for the global entertainment event. It was revealed yesterday that top police officials met on Monday to discuss the security measures to be enforced from May 10, when representatives from the 38 countries participating in the competition begin arriving in Athens. The song contest will take place between May 17 and 20 at the Olympic complex’s indoor arena. Some 1,500 journalists as well as 1,200 Eurovision fans from abroad are expected in Athens for the contest. Police expect some 20,000 people to attend the final on May 20. About 1,500 officers will take part in the security operation during the contest, which will also involve temporary traffic measures. Monday’s meeting was led by the new police chief, Anastassis Dimoschakis. It was decided that an operations center would be set up at the Olympic Stadium, as during the 2004 Olympics.