Behind-the-screen tales of Athens’s old-style cinemas

Although Athens is now full of multiplexes, Athenians still have those solitary old-style cinemas that draw their own special crowd. They have weathered the advent of video, private television and now the multiplexes, as well as those free DVDs offered in newspapers. These have indeed hurt small movie theaters. Those who work in the sector say they have had to adjust to the changing times. During the week, when only about 10 tickets are sold a day, just one person will work the ticket office and bar, hand out programs and answer the phone. Some small movie theaters have chosen to focus on art movies in an attempt to hold on to discerning audiences. Many have been renovated because, as managers and owners say, «quality depends not only on the type of film but on how you offer entertainment.» (1) This article appeared in the March 12 edition of K, Kathimerini’s color supplement.