Three dead in train collision

Three Albanian men were killed yesterday when the car they were traveling in was hit by a passenger train at a level crossing in northern Greece, the fourth such fatal accident in just over a month. The train collided with the car shortly before 5 p.m. yesterday after the vehicle violated a level crossing barrier near the small town of Skydra in Pella prefecture, according to police. A light and sound system, that warns drivers of oncoming trains, had been operating at the time, police said. According to witnesses, the car was then dragged for about a kilometer by the train which had been en route to Thessaloniki from Edessa. None of the 35 passengers aboard the train was harmed. Last month, three similar collisions caused the deaths of five people. On February 8, two people were killed when their car violated a level crossing in Nea Ionia and a truck driver was killed when his vehicle was hit by a train on the Istanbul-Thessaloniki route. A week later, two people died when their car was hit by a train in Serres.