Tram may yet reach Piraeus

The tram could soon be trundling through the streets of Piraeus whether locals like it or not, according to transport officials who said yesterday that plans to extend the line to the port are progressing even though the local authority has objected to it. The Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) issued a statement yesterday saying that it had begun a study into the possibility of the tram serving Piraeus and the surrounding areas. «The process to extend the tram is continuing as part of the project with Tram SA (the operator), a team from the National Technical University of Athens and local authorities, which began a year ago,» said OASA. Earlier this month, the Piraeus municipal council rejected plans to extend the tram line from Neo Faliron to the port. Piraeus Mayor Christos Agrapidis has also added his voice to those opposing the tram extension, saying it would cause more problems than it would solve. Locals fear the tram will clog up the busy streets around the port.