Foundation honors statesman in Hania

The National Research Foundation Eleftherios K. Venizelos in Hania is marking the 70-year anniversary of the statesman’s death by holding two days of events examining his continuing significance. Today’s featured speakers include the foundation’s general director, Nikolas Papadakis, who will discuss «Greece in the international environment, the options by Venizelos and his successors, and the cases of Asia Minor and Cyprus.» Sir Michael Llewellyn Smith, a historian of modern Greece who once served as British ambassador in Athens, will also speak, discussing «Venizelos’s relations with foreigners: A diplomatic advantage for Greece.» Other speakers include university professors from Athens and Thessaloniki and Venizelos scholars. In the evening, the foundation will discuss its role in education and honor three schoolchildren from around Greece. Tomorrow, the foundation will feature a musical performance dedicated to Venizelos as well as a ceremony at Venizelos’s grave in Akrotiri near Hania. For more information on the events today and tomorrow, contact the foundation by telephone at 28210.560.08. For more information on Venizelos and the institute itself, log on to the website