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Magistrates allowed to check share deals of ex-judge and her family A council of appeals court judges yesterday gave magistrates the authority to look into the share dealings of former magistrate Constantina Bourboulia and her relatives. Bourboulia has been found guilty of mishandling a probe into stock manipulation on the Athens Stock Exchange and is currently awaiting trial in connection to an alleged trial-fixing ring. Magistrates want to learn if the former judge or people close to her profited from share trading while she was conducting the investigation. EASTER LEAVE Non-EU nationals living in Greece allowed to travel out of country Foreigners living in Greece who are still waiting for their residence permits will be allowed to leave the country for the Easter holidays, the Public Order Ministry said yesterday. Foreigners will be allowed to leave Greece from April 10 and return by May 10 as long as they have a valid passport, a copy of their expired permit or their application for one and official confirmation that they have submitted their paperwork to Greek authorities. BABY PEDDLERS Bulgarians tried to sell their child Five Bulgarian nationals were yesterday charged by a court in Larissa with attempting to sell a baby to an undercover policewoman for 15,000 euros, court sources said. The baby was 40 days old and its parents were among the five people arrested. A 40-year-old Bulgarian woman was charged with setting up the deal to sell the baby. The two other people charged were a Bulgarian couple who allegedly admitted that they had sold their baby in Greece some time ago. Rallis memorial Parliament convened for a special session yesterday in memory of former prime minister Georgios Rallis, who died last week. Tribute was paid to Rallis by the leaders of all the parties. «Even in his passing, Georgios Rallis managed to repeat the message of unity, compassion and moderate political beliefs. The message that we all must serve collective interests,» said Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis. Landfill shut Local authorities have shut down the Ano Liosia landfill for 24 hours, until midnight tonight, in protest at a government decision awarding a hospital waste disposal contract to a private company. The Union of Municipal Authorities in Attica (ESDKNA) said that the company will charge the government three times more than ESDKNA. Transport problems Bus and trolley routes will be disrupted tomorrow in the center of Athens from 9 a.m. due to a student parade held to mark Greece’s Independence Day. Public transport will also be interrupted in the capital on Saturday when the military parade is scheduled to be held. Meanwhile, consumers will need to stock up on bread tomorrow as bakeries will be closed on Saturday due to the public holiday. Store violations Inspections on supermarkets in Piraeus found discrepancies between the prices advertised on the shelf and actual prices and other practices that allegedly misled the consumer, prefectural officials said yesterday. Checks on two branches of Carrefour and two Galaxias supermarkets revealed countless instances of price discrepancies and bogus promotions, officials said. Meanwhile, Piraeus Prefect Yiannis Michas ordered a local dairy and bakery store on Ethnikis Antistasseos St to close down due to multiple breaches of basic health and safety guidelines. US Embassy The consular services of the US Embassy in Athens will not be open to the public on Monday, officials said yesterday. KAT strike Workers at KAT hospital in Athens will be on strike today and tomorrow. They are protesting about the lack of personnel. Rhodes scholars Senior high school students looking to have fun before final-year exams on the customary five-day trip have voted the island of Rhodes as their favorite destination, according to the Ministry of Education.