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Man who held three women at gunpoint is remanded in custody Panayiotis Hadzidakis, who was arrested last week for holding three people hostage in an Athens psychiatric clinic, was remanded in custody on Saturday, authorities said. Hadzidakis, aged 25, held three women captive in Glyfada for four hours on Thursday using two fake guns before the anti-terrorist squad raided the clinic and arrested him. Hadzidakis will be detained at the prison’s mental clinic and will be examined by psychiatrists. FIGHT ENDS Boxer dies due to brain hemorrhaging Amateur boxer Dimitris Livadas died on Friday, six days after collapsing following his middleweight bout in Patras. Doctors at the University Hospital of Patras said the 21-year-old suffered brain hemorrhaging and swelling. Another boxer, Thanassis Biliordos, died after a boxing match at the same sports hall in September 2000. Airport arrest Police at Athens International Airport arrested a 49-year-old Greek man on Friday in connection with a suspected human-trafficking ring. The suspect and an Iraqi accomplice, who is still wanted by police, are alleged to have supplied false documents and boarding cards to migrants attempting to leave Greece for other European Union countries in return for cash. The Greek man was caught trying to get three Iraqi migrants on board a flight to Copenhagen. University thief A 28-year-old Bulgarian man was charged on Saturday in connection with a string of robberies at university buildings in Athens. The unnamed man was arrested last Thursday after he allegedly carried out 38 raids on offices of lecturers and other staff of universities in Athens and Piraeus, stealing mostly computers and computer accessories. The loot was discovered at his home along with 498 office keys, police said. Internet porn Police in Attica on Friday charged a 24-year-old woman for trading pornography over the internet after confiscating more than 2,000 DVDs from an Athens hotel room. Officers are also seeking a 28-year-old man believed to have created a website to sell DVDs, which allegedly feature material ranging from the secretly filmed sexual encounters of couples in hotel rooms to child pornography. Undercover officers arrested the woman after posing as prospective customers. Gang beating Three men, Pakistani nationals, were arrested in Athens on Saturday accused of kidnapping and physically assaulting a 30-year-old man, also from Pakistan, authorities said yesterday. The three men allegedly robbed the victim, then bound and gagged him before locking him up in a car trunk for about five hours. Police are searching for three more men believed to have taken part in the incident. Road death One man was killed and five people were injured at 6.30 a.m. yesterday when two cars collided on Athinon Avenue in Haidari, western Athens, police said. The man killed was the driver of one of the cars but no more details were made public.