Double parking may lead to a place in jail

Double parking in Patras could land drivers in custody if the demands of a local prosecutor are adhered to by authorities in the city, sources told Kathimerini yesterday. The head of the misdemeanor prosecutors in Patras, Lambros Sofoulakis, has asked the chief of the local traffic police to treat anyone who has double parked as obstructing traffic, which under the law is punishable with immediate arrest and then an appearance in court. Some 100,000 cars a day travel in or through Patras, which has a severe congestion problem. Police have doubts about how easy it will be to enforce and fear it will create tension with drivers. The head of police in western Greece, Dimitris Bouloukos, told Kathimerini that at least 20 drivers a day would end up behind bars if the measure was enforced.