EFET sour over dates on milk

A large dairy firm in northern Greece is set to be handed a sizable fine, the country’s food watchdog said yesterday after it discovered that the firm was not putting the correct pasteurization date on its milk cartons. The Hellenic Food Authority (EFET) said that during a spot check on Friday (March 24) at the premises of Agno dairy company in Thessaloniki, it found bottles of milk and cartons of cream being labeled as if they had been pasteurized on Sunday (March 26). Inspectors from the watchdog also found hundreds of milk containers in cold storage that were also labeled as having been pasteurized on Sunday. In total, EFET seized some 64 tons of milk and cream, deeming them «not normal.» Agno, which also supplies some supermarkets who sell its milk under their own brands, will now be referred to prosecutors and could face a hefty fine. The company did not comment on yesterday’s statement by EFET. The watchdog is likely to announce the size of the fine for Agno within the next few days.