Advertisements bombarding children

Less than a month remains before Easter, the greatest feast in the Greek Orthodox calendar – and the biggest headache of all for Greek godparents, who are expected to buy gifts. Intensive advertising on television and radio has already begun, building up the pressure on those with godchildren. «Should I get a Barbie Princess or Barbie Pink, and should I give it to her with the Easter candle or separately? And should I get a Game Boy or a remote-controlled Grand Cherokee for the boy?» It has never been so hard to satisfy a child. With countless products on offer and television advertising cultivating ever more needs, parents develop a tendency to lavish gifts on their children with the excuse that they don’t have time to play with them. In response, children soon become consumers ruled by market trends, fashion and advertising. «This is the candle to have his year.» «Everyone else at school has a mobile phone.» «I want a PlayStation too,» clamor elementary school pupils. And parents scramble to meet their demands, even if it means cutting back on their own expenditures for a while.