Greek student exports rising

Greece continues to have one of the largest migrating student populations in the world, according to figures made public yesterday, and more than 50 British universities are set to try and tap the booming market in an exhibition to be held in Athens this weekend. Organized by the British Council, the exhibition started in Thessaloniki yesterday and will be held in the capital on Saturday and Sunday for those interested in finding out more about studying abroad. There are more than 23,000 Greek students studying in the UK, a figure that is likely to increase given that the criteria to enter local universities will tighten this year. Candidates will be required to have a grade above 10 out of 20 to qualify for tertiary education in Greece, regardless of the demand shown for each course. In total, there are some 60,000 Greeks studying abroad. Competition is intensifying as universities from Germany and France have started English-language courses in an attempt to draw more foreign students.