Fees for legalisation

For one-year residence (migrants who are applying for the first time): The cost of 150 days’ worth of stamps and a 150 euro fee totalling 1,026 euros. For two years (once-legal migrants who have not renewed their permits): If they have no social security stamps they are required to pay 2,052 euros to purchase them as well as a 300 euro fee. For two years (one family): When the husband has a residence permit but not a work permit, the spouse has no legal status and they have two dependent children over 14 years, the husband must pay 2,052 euros for the purchase of stamps and a 300 euro fee; the wife is required to pay 1,026 euros for stamps and a 150-euro fee, as well as a 300-euro fee for the two children. For three years: The fee is 450 euros per person. For five years (long-term migrants who have already had full insurance for five years): The fee is 900 euros per person.