Trial of gruesome Lesvos murder begins

The ex-husband of a woman who was allegedly cut into pieces and burnt by a married couple told a court on the island of Samos yesterday that he had urged his wife to stay away from them. The trial of Yiannis Boutaras, 33, and his 27-year-old wife Areti Diolatzi began yesterday. They have been charged with murdering Efstratia Mamolou on Lesvos in January 2002. The couple allegedly held Mamolou captive in their house for several months, during which they tortured the 27-year-old before killing her. Mamolou’s bones were found in a iron box in a fireplace at the house. The victim’s relatives said Mamolou was transfixed by the couple and even sold trinkets to help with their finances. Police officers told the court they recovered videotapes from the house which showed Mamolou having sex of her own free will with the couple.