Cyprus bra stunt puts focus on breast cancer

The world’s longest chain of bras – stretching 111 kilometers – was completed on Cyprus on Sunday to raise awareness of breast cancer and to encourage women to have regular checkups. Cypriot, British and Dutch women worked together in the seaside town of Paphos to create the chain, formed by 114,782 bras. The previous record was held by Singapore, with 79,001 bras, reaching a length of 60 kilometers. «There is a taboo on Cyprus concerning talking about breast cancer and we would rather women went for regular checkups than go to prayers,» said one of the organizers, Louise van Rooij. Around 300 new cases of breast cancer are detected every year on Cyprus, which has a population of less than a million. More than 30,000 Cypriot pounds (52,220 euros) was raised during the drive to fight breast cancer.