In Brief


Police to set up station at Hellenikon; thousands to monitor proceedings A makeshift police station will be operating at the site of the old airport at Hellenikon from tomorrow to monitor the proceedings of the Fourth European Social Forum, a senior police official told Kathimerini yesterday, adding that between 5,000 and 8,000 officers would be mobilized for the four-day event. The police station will operate alongside a first-aid station and fire service and traffic police units. The agenda includes a concert in central Kotzia Square this evening and an anti-war rally at the Pedion tou Areos park at 3 p.m. on Saturday. Around 10,000 people are expected to attend the forum’s events. IMMIGRANTS HELD Authorities in Ioannina and Samos detain migrants arriving in Greece Police on the eastern Aegean island of Samos said that they detained 26 illegal immigrants yesterday. The migrants were found on the island after sailing from Turkey, officers said. The boat in which they had sailed had sunk. Police said the migrants were of various nationalities but did not specify. They were taken to the island’s reception center. Meanwhile, authorities in northwestern Greece said that 21 migrants from Albania were found in the back of a truck near Ioannina. They said that this took the number of illegal immigrants detained in the area over the last four days to 242. CASH HARVEST Agriculture Ministry’s ATM targeted Robbers broke into the Agricultural Development Ministry on Syngrou Avenue, police said yesterday, and made off with cash from an ATM in the building. Officers said the theft took place over the long May Day weekend, but it was not known exactly how much money was stolen. The robbers forced open a basement window to gain access to the building and then emptied the cash machine, officers said. Meanwhile, two armed men forced a kiosk owner in Haidari to hand over 250 euros at 10.15 p.m. yesterday before speeding off on a motorcycle. Hospital pickpockets Police in Thessaloniki said yesterday that they had arrested a 36-year-old man after the latest in a spate of alleged robberies at hospitals throughout the city. The suspect was caught after he allegedly stole the handbag of a 50-year-old woman who was visiting a relative in a hospital. He then attempted to steal another bag from a patient, officers said. The man was detained by medical staff. Police advised people going into hospitals as patients or visitors to leave valuables at home. Copper load Police in Kozani, northern Greece said yesterday that seven people had been arrested in connection with the theft of 5.5 tons of copper from a mine belonging to the Public Power Corporation on Sunday. Officers said the suspects used two trucks to transport the copper, which was worth some 4,500 euros. Hash haul Two Albanian nationals yesterday faced a Ioannina prosecutor after being caught by police in the region of Delvinaki, near the Greek-Albanian border, carrying just under 75 kilos of cannabis. A third Albanian, who was carrying one of three sacks containing the drugs, managed to cross back over the border before guards could catch him. The first Albanian was caught immediately after being spotted by guards, while the second man eluded arrest for nearly eight hours. One of the bags contained 53 rounds of ammunition. Soliciting arrests Police in the Cretan prefecture of Hania yesterday arrested two municipal employees on charges of procuring an Albanian woman, who was also arrested, in a bar that they managed. Police caught the two men after an undercover officer played the part of a prospective client. A sum of 300 euros, believed to have been the proceeds of the woman’s services, was confiscated. Checkmate Children at a primary school in Thessaloniki have constructed what could be the world’s biggest fabric chess set, it was revealed yesterday. The chessboard measures 64 square meters and staff at the school told the Athens News Agency that they will write to the Guinness Book of World Records to confirm whether the set is the world’s biggest.