OA stands by its flight safety

Olympic Airlines yesterday defended the safety of its flights and suggested it might take legal action after comments by the carrier’s pilots’ union cast doubt on the safety of OA’s planes. Members of the Hellenic Airline Pilots’ Association (EHPA) were quoted as saying that the company had hired unsafe airplanes or «flying coffins» to cover certain routes. The allegations reportedly came after a pilot noticed a problem with one of the aircraft. OA did not confirm or deny that there had been problems with one of the planes that it had brought in but said that media reports based on these comments were inaccurate. The airline said in a statement that it had leased two planes from a European carrier to cover the summer schedule but insisted they were being serviced properly and all EU regulations were being followed. The government is currently trying to find investors to buy into the debt-ridden airline but has yet to formally announce interest by specific parties.