Hope for judges of the future

Future judges were yesterday urged by Justice Minister Anastassis Papaligouras to help the judiciary regain people’s respect. Speaking at the beginning of a new course at the National School of Judges in Thessaloniki, Papaligouras said the corrupt actions of a few judges had dragged the whole system into the mire. «The few dishonest judges put the many honest ones in danger of being besmirched,» he said. The current dismissal of corrupt judges is a necessary step for the judicial system in its battle to win back people’s trust, the minister added. He said that members of his audience would be «guarantors of the eradication of illegality and the possible abuse of power from those who exercise it.» Meanwhile, an appeals court yesterday decided to release from custody celebrity lawyer Sakis Kehayioglou, who was jailed in Korydallos Prison at the end of last year while waiting to be tried on charges related to an alleged trial-fixing ring. Kehayioglou was asked to post bail of 100,000 euros and was banned from leaving Greece.