Access to drugs, alcohol

Although considerable efforts have been made recently to limit access to drugs in prisons – according to official figures, these efforts have met with some success – the problem still exists as prisoners find all sorts of ways to get drugs smuggled in to them. One of these is to soak socks in heroin. One of the stock phrases in Korydallos is «How much per centimeter?» – referring to the part of the sock containing the heroin. Others ask their visitors to bring them roast chicken stuffed with drugs. Others ask for fruit, mainly oranges and mandarins injected with liquid heroin. «Of course the prisoners also get alcoholic drinks, most of them homemade and very dangerous to their health,» one source told Kathimerini. «Cell searches often come up with makeshift stills where prisoners produce moonshine they sell at high prices.» According to a prisoner, fruit, fruit juice and sugar are used to make the potent brew.