In Brief


Activists gather in Souda Bay to protest against possible Iran clash About 150 protesters marched to the US naval base in Souda Bay, Crete, yesterday demonstrating against any Greek involvement in a possible military clash against Iran. Chanting «End the occupation of Iraq» and «No to a war with Iran,» the protesters marched peacefully to the naval base, ending three days of events calling for peace. The marchers included several peace activists from other European countries. DRUG ARREST Man caught with large heroin stash A 35-year-old man was arrested in Petralona, southern Athens, on Saturday on drug trafficking charges, police said. Authorities found 3.3 kilos of heroin and a handgun, among other items, in the man’s possession. A court order for the arrest of the unnamed suspect had been outstanding. Police recovery Authorities found an unmarked police motorbike late Saturday that was stolen in central Athens earlier the same day when the officer left the keys in the ignition while he went to pick up his lunch. The motorbike was found a few streets away, undamaged. Official police documents in the bike’s travel compartment were also found. The officer has been suspended from his duties. PASOK discontent Six in 10 Greeks are not satisfied with the main opposition party PASOK, according to a poll by Kappa Research which was made public yesterday. The study, conducted on 1,359 households on Wednesday and Thursday, found that 46 percent where in favor of PASOK’s decision to appoint a Greek Muslim woman as a candidate to become the Drama-Kavala-Xanthi prefect in northeastern Greece. Poor sight Two thirds of Greeks wearing contact lenses do not clean them regularly while about a third of users are not aware of how they can be cleaned, opticians said at a conference held over the weekend. Opticians also pointed out that a number of those who wear contact lenses clean them with tap water instead of the recommended fluid. Illegal immigrants Police arrested two men in Kozani, northern Greece, yesterday for trying to transport three Albanian nationals into the country illegally. The border patrol found that the illegal immigrants had each paid 500 euros to enter Greece.