Seven simple steps to help improve tourism

Tourism Development Minister Fanni Palli-Petralia’s policy includes new kinds of tourism as part of the government’s plan to promote year-round tourism. The challenge facing the government is to highlight the advantages of every tourism destination in order to attract groups of tourists with different interests and in all seasons, such as holidays with a religious, cultural or sporting focus, hiking, gastronomy or agrotourism holidays, or vacations in the city or by the sea. Advertising campaigns are to be planned for every destination that provide a comprehensive image rather than just isolated aspects of it. This policy will have long-term benefits for Greek tourism, but there are other problems that need solving ahead of this year’s summer season, and many of these do not come under the jurisdiction of the tourism development minister. Petralia has already asked other ministries, and by extension other organizations and local government bodies, to cooperate in the following areas so that things function smoothly: – Ceasing infrastructure projects during the tourist season; – Reducing noise pollution, particularly the uncontrolled licensing of outdoor night clubs, bars and other venues; – Stopping the hustling for customers, particularly on islands; – Monitoring of fees for leasing umbrella spaces on beaches or renting cafe sites in tourist areas; – Providing information centers for tourists; – Cleaning up beaches and roads; – Ensuring that hoteliers keep their grounds clean.