Small tips to help travelers organize cheaper vacations

Special prices for Greeks and package tours are the main baits that hoteliers employ to boost business at this time of year. Some offers may apply till June, as hotel owners adjust their prices in collaboration with travel agencies. The range of offers and special discounts varies according to destination and hotel category. Deluxe resorts and five-star hotels also make special offers, with prices as much as 50 percent lower than August rates. Packages often feature lower rates for children staying in the same room as their parents, with discounts of up to 60 percent. In some cases children under 12 get free accommodation. Even in peak holiday season, customers can often negotiate a better deal at small and medium-sized hotels, either for free accommodation for the children or at a lower price. Ferry companies cooperate with hotels to offer attractive packages, especially on lines where there is considerable competition. They offer special prices for different categories of travelers (students, for instance) and a return ticket. Some large hotels offer free car rental with a stay of 3-4 days. Others offer an extra day free of charge for bookings that exceed a certain number of days. A number of large hotels have all-inclusive offers, where the up-front price covers all expenses. Some of these offers can be paid off in 4 to 6, sometimes up to 10, interest-free installments. Caution is needed, however, with special offers that list only the destination and the price without naming the hotel and its category. Asterisks often refer to the small print, often noting that air fares are not included or that rooms with a sea view are dearer. Some discounts may only apply to bookings that exceed a specific number of days.