Headway in stopping baby sales

Police said yesterday, after arresting three Bulgarian and one Greek woman, that they have smashed a ring based in Bulgaria that brought pregnant women to Greece to give birth and illegally sell their babies. The capture of the four women is the latest in a string of arrests in connection with the sale of Bulgarian babies in Greece. Police said that at least 35 children from the neighboring country had been sold here over the last year. The arrests came about when a Bulgarian woman who gave up her baby contacted the police asking for help in getting the child back. A sting operation was set up on Monday at the Athens court where she was to give her consent to a Greek family adopting the baby. The Greek woman who was arrested is thought to have played a significant role in the ring. Police believe that mothers receive between 3,000 and 10,000 euros from the ring for each baby. The ring charges couples 20,000 euros for a baby girl and 25,000 euros for a boy. Bulgarian police are investigating 10 people thought to be connected to the gang.