Security treaty, abductions

There have been reports that your country – with Iran, Afghanistan and India – will participate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization [created in 1996 on the initiative of Russia and China]. We are already observers and we are very keen to be a full member. I have attended two summits already, and the next one in June, but President Pervez Musharraf will be attending in China. Are you for the participation of Iran? Iran is already an observer. I cannot help asking you about the issue of the 28 Pakistanis in Athens. Did you discuss this matter with Prime Minister Karamanlis? No, we didn’t really go into details, because our ambassador is in touch with the Greek government and we are being briefed on the progress. I know that the Greek government has appointed a prosecutor to get to the bottom of this situation. We have put faith in your government’s process to get to the bottom of this issue and we are sure that justice will prevail. When the facts are fully known our government will be informed.