Over 140 migrants nabbed

Authorities said yesterday that they have detained 142 illegal immigrants trying to sneak into Greece in three separate incidents within a day, all along the country’s borders with Turkey. Police said they found 73 illegal immigrants late on Sunday who had been crammed on board a refrigerator truck in Kavala, northeastern Greece. Three suspects traveling in cars escorting the truck were arrested in connection to the operation. The driver of the truck managed to escape, police said. The immigrants – including 16 women and a boy – were from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Palestine. A second incident involved 32 people who were caught off the island of Chios as they tried to cross into Greece in a wooden boat that had started to take on water. None of the immigrants were hurt, authorities added, but were taken for precautionary medical checks. Lastly, another 37 illegal immigrants were detained on the island of Samos early yesterday aboard a 10-meter wooden boat.