Victims’ horrifying stories

– «Death comes and then comes back again, day after day,» wrote a child victim of trafficking. – «I hate being in prostitution. There are so many customers. I am so afraid. The bosses tell me to work and not to think like that. They rape the other girls too. That terrifies me.» (Ignesia, a 15-year-old victim of trafficking in the US.) – «I arrived in America with so much hope, so many dreams. But since the day I arrived, I have been living like an animal. The bar was a prison, full of threats and torture.» (Kim, a 31-year-old victim.) – «Before I left my village in Africa, they cut off some of my hair and told me that where I was going, in Europe, I should not talk to anyone about what was happening to me. If I did, I, my family and everyone I knew would be punished. So please, don’t eat any of the food that you give me.» (Victim living in a safe house in Greece, terrified that she might be punished by voodoo.) – Viola, a 13-year-old from Albania, was locked in a hotel room in Italy. As soon as she arrived, she was beaten and raped by a group of men, and then forced into prostitution. The list of cases like these is endless. Victims of human trafficking are forced into slave labor seven days a week for up to 14 hours a day. In cases where victims are sexually exploited, they are raped by up to 15 times a day by «customers.» -( Names have been changed.)