Smugglers lose chase on Corfu

All three drug smugglers who were involved in a high-speed sea chase with coast guards off Corfu last week were in police custody on the island by Saturday, the Merchant Marine Ministry said. Two of the suspects were arrested in the forested area of Kavalouri in the north of Corfu on Friday afternoon. The men were not named but the ministry said they were foreign nationals, aged 25 and 26. The third suspect, a 26-year-old foreigner, was found in the same area later on Friday. A massive manhunt had been launched for the three men after they repeatedly shot at coast guards who were chasing them as they reached Corfu. It is thought they began their journey from Albania. Eventually they ditched their boat on a deserted beach and made off on foot. The ministry said they had been carrying almost 700 kilos of cannabis. The speedboat had been stolen last July from Corfu.