‘Humanity does not want wars’

You are one of the mujtahid of the faithful and, from what we have seen in the foreign press, you have set up a very successful website in order to communicate with them. What kind of questions do they bombard you with? On everything. Mostly on moral dilemmas in their daily lives, on the political situation and issues touching on human rights. The people’s concerns and priorities change rapidly. The human race began with tribes that lived in a continual state of war. The ancient Greeks brought us logic and philosophy, and Islam brought the wisdom of revealed truth. At the current stage of history, with the influence of rational thought and religious wisdom, there are fewer differences between nations. Despite the problems that exist, we have achieved tremendous progress compared to the situation 50 years ago, when the world was emerging from the terrible slaughter of the Second World War. Today the human race does not want wars or shows of force. Priorities are on peace, progress and science, knowledge and justice. There is a universal demand for the consolidation of the human rights of all, without regard for nationality, race or sex. There are international institutions for human rights, such as the United Nations and the International Court of Justice on crimes against humanity. Against that background, governments have a duty to act for the people in accordance with the people’s will, and not to impose their own will on the people. The day will come when all people will be able to communicate soberly, as you and I are doing right now, as part of a world community where there will be no trace of tyranny and where the will of all the world’s people will be respected.