PPC cool on energy supplies

The Public Power Corporation (PPC) reassured households yesterday that the country’s electricity network will stand up to the increased demand that has arisen due to the hot weather but called on people to use energy more carefully. Concerns were raised about PPC’s ability to keep up electricity supply, particularly to the country’s two largest cities, after an explosion occurred at its plant in Ptolemaida, northern Greece, on Wednesday. Demand for electricity yesterday hit 9.63 megawatts, which is still short of the record demand level of 9.65 MW recorded last year. Experts believe that this year demand is likely to peak above 10 MW during the peak hours between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. PPC has recommended that consumers not keep air conditioners blasting at full power and to keep temperatures to around 25-26 Celsius (77-79 Fahrenheit). More careful use of electricity consumption may help reduce bills but will also serve to help the environment. According to official estimates released only a few days ago, Greece will increase the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in 2010 by 38 percent (from 1990). However, according to sources, the Kyoto agreement specifies that emissions cannot increase by more than 25 percent. In a bid to help European Union citizens become more sensitive to environmental issues, the European Commission has started a campaign regarding changes in the climate. Figures show that every European citizen consumes per year 11 tons of greenhouse gases. Households are blamed for consuming a third of energy used in the EU.