Poll finds reforms OK’d by academia

An online survey of university professors, students and administrative personnel conducted by the University of Crete shows widespread support for time limits on degrees, under certain conditions, and discontent with the indiscriminate setup of new schools and faculties across Greece over the past few years. An online survey does not ensure that the sample will be representative, as normal surveys do. However, according to the secretary of the University of Crete professors’ association, Christos Sotiriou, «we wanted to know the real views of the academic community. Expression on the Internet is free and people not belonging to specific parties or organizations can express their opinion freely.» Among the respondents, 83 percent criticized the founding of many new state schools and faculties and 67 percent believe they should be closed. Concerning the schools that operate in Greece as branches of foreign universities, 26 percent believe that the diplomas they offer should not be recognized under any circumstances, while 65 percent believe they should be incorporated into a wider assessment system that would include the existing state universities and that their diplomas should be recognized if they fulfill certain criteria concerning their viability and the quality of studies. Also, 77 percent believe the so-called «academic sanctuary» prohibiting security forces from entering university premises without a request by university authorities, should be amended to safeguard university property.