Yogurt taken off shelves

Dairy company Fage is recalling its Total 2 % yogurt product because yeast may be growing on its surface, the company announced yesterday. Consumers have been instructed to contact the company so they can receive replacements for those products, which have a July 17 expiry date. The news comes as a further blow to Fage after it was hit with a 500,000-euro fine last year and proceeded with another product recall. Deputy Development Minister Yiannis Papathanassiou got involved in the issue after news that 350,000 containers of the company’s yogurt products distributed in the market were unfit for consumption. Market sources estimate Fage’s market share has shrunk considerably, even though it retains the top spot in the yogurt sector. The company has a presence in 27 countries in Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Asia. Consumers can contact Fage at 800-11-28000 for more information about the product recall.