EU growth support slipping

Support in Greece for European Union (EU) enlargement remains solid as Greeks continue to give Brussels a vote of confidence, although the numbers have dropped somewhat, according to the results of a Eurobarometer survey. The survey, conducted between March 27 and May 1, found that local support for enlargement fell to 56 percent from 74 percent in December. The shift in attitude to expansion may reflect disagreements over Turkey’s candidacy. Fewer than half (45 percent) of EU citizens support expansion. On the credibility front, some 63 percent of Greeks replied that they generally trust the EU. Jobs remain a key issue for local residents, followed by concerns about the country’s overall economic situation and inflation. These trends are also seen in other EU nations. «The first concern of the European citizens remains by far employment, followed by crime and the economic situation which comes in third place,» the European Commission said.