TEI stuck with protest bill

Students who had staged sit-in protests at the Athens Tertiary Technical College (TEI) over the last few weeks caused damage of around 100,000 euros, the college said yesterday. The students, along with many of their peers across the country, had taken over the TEI facilities in protest at the government’s proposed reforms of the tertiary education sector. «Words cannot describe the size of the destruction. Walls and floors are covered with paint, abuse and vulgarities that are not a part of students claims and do not belong to the realm of education,» the Athens TEI said. The college said that students had smashed pieces of furniture, computers, photocopiers, and other office supplies. «Formal student groups did not take care to protect the area despite the fact that they were verbally committed to do so,» TEI added. Students have vowed to continue their protest action after the summer break.