Hunting guns lifted in heist

A gang of five armed men held up a weapons store in Menidi, northwestern Athens, yesterday, in a heist police said was unlikely to be connected to any terrorist group. The men, all wearing hoods, held up the store at about 8.50 a.m., as staff members were loading five large containers full of rifle cartridges for shipment to a customer. Police said the alarm system had been switched off due to the loading procedure, making it easier for the men to access the area and steal 15 hunting rifles and 17 containers of cartridges. The suspects tied and gagged the owner and two employees before getting away in two cars and a truck. A massive manhunt was launched with the help of a police helicopter while the anti-terrorism squad was also called in. Police sources said the culprits did not appear to be well organized and that the weapons taken are not guns usually used by terrorists.