One in two will see out summer at home

About one in two Greeks will not go on holiday this summer due to financial restrictions, while many that manage to hit the beaches will do so for fewer days than last year, according to the results of a poll released yesterday. A VPRC poll found that 48 percent of those questioned will not take a vacation, up from 37 percent who gave the same answer last year. Of the people who will manage to take a break, 20 percent said that it will be for a shorter period than in 2005. About two-thirds (63 percent) replied that their summer getaway will last the same as last year. The majority of pensioners, housewives and unemployed people answered that they will not go on holidays. Two-thirds of farmers will also see out the summer at home. University students appear to be the privileged ones as 66 percent of them will head to the beach.