Evia smugglers caught at sea

Two people smugglers were arrested early on Saturday as they attempted to sail from the coast of Evia after having unloaded 55 illegal immigrants on the Aegean island the Merchant Marine Ministry said. In what was termed a «special operation,» the coast guard surrounded the 15-meter yacht off the coast of Evia as the traffickers attempted to sail away from the island under the cover of darkness. Authorities on the island located the migrants, 12 of whom were children, on one of the island’s beaches. The migrants were in good health, authorities said after running medical checks on all 55. The identities of the smugglers and the migrants were not made public. Meanwhile, the coast guard detained 13 migrants off the coast of Lesvos in the eastern Aegean as they attempted to reach the island. The illegal immigrants sank their vessel and jumped into the sea when they saw the patrol boat but were pulled out of the water by the authorities.