Crime rise a concern for police

Crime figures released yesterday indicate that there was a rise in certain criminal activities, such as bank robberies and apartment break-ins, during the first six months of this year, the Public Order Ministry said. Police recorded 131 bank raids in the first six months of this year, whereas there were 139 during the whole of last year. Officials said that 111 of the bank robberies this year have taken place in Attica. Only 18 have been solved until now. There have also been more than 24,000 break-ins so far this year, compared to some 31,000 burglaries during the whole of 2005. Some 17,000 break-ins took place in Attica, confirming the region as the most crime-ridden in Greece. Almost 1,700 people have been arrested in connection with these burglaries, according to yesterday’s figures. Around 1,100 of them are Greeks. Authorities are also concerned about the rise in the number of drug-related crimes. Police have confiscated 5 tons of cannabis, some 100 kilos of heroine, 8 kilos of cocaine and 10,000 ecstasy pills so far this year.