Warning issued on used cars

After a number of complaints from Greeks who have recently bought used cars from Germany, the General Secretariat for Consumers warned prospective buyers to be wary of seemingly attractive deals they find on the Internet. The secretariat said the main problem had been that some German car dealers were not willing to cover the cost of repairs even if the vehicle was still under guarantee. It also said that some Greeks had wired payments to Germany but the supposed dealers then disappeared. It did not say how many complaints had been lodged. Consumers were warned not to sign agreements that were written in German if they do not know the language. The secretariat also advised that they make sure the contract refers to the purchase of a car for private, not professional, use. Motorists should also ensure that they obtain approval in writing from the German dealer before they get their car repaired. They should then get receipts for the work which can be used to reclaim the money if the car is still under guarantee.