Prices top tourists’ grudge list

Consumer group INKA said yesterday that it received 7,100 complaints from tourists between the start of the year and the end of June, with most grudges aimed at excessively high charges attached to poor-quality services. «The biggest problem of Greek tourism is the emergence of mediocrity in the goods and services offered. They (the incidents) may not be reported, but they do leave a feeling of disappointment in comparison with other tourism choices,» INKA said. Among the worst cases were incidents where tourists reportedly paid between 10 and 11 euros for a salad. In one case, a meal for two at a taverna on an island in the Saronic Gulf that included a salad, octopus, fish and a small bottle of wine cost 150 euros. Separately, INKA accused the European Commission of putting business interests ahead of the safety of citizens after it banned the use of some hair dyes as of December. The consumer group said that the products, linked to 22 cancer-causing agents, should have been pulled off the market immediately.