Abused son, 7, fights for life

Doctors in Thessaloniki were yesterday trying to save the life of a 7-year-old boy who had been badly beaten, while a prosecutor filed charges of attempted murder against the child’s parents. The unnamed boy was rushed to the Ippocrateio Hospital on Tuesday with serious head wounds and multiple bruising. Officers arrested the child’s parents, both Albanian nationals, who allegedly confessed to hitting their child because he was hyperactive. «It is a case of systematic abuse that we find very troubling,» said Stergios Apostolidis, Thessaloniki’s police chief. The child’s mother, 34, is thought to have hit the child over the head with a large stick, while the father admitted to punching and slapping the boy. After Tuesday’s beating, the father took the child to a park and called an ambulance, claiming the boy had hurt himself playing. A prosecutor charged the child’s mother with attempted murder and the father with causing grievous bodily harm.