Sex abuse charges at boys’ camp

A child psychologist who was working at a municipal children’s summer camp in Attica was arrested on Saturday for engaging in lewd acts with minors and photographing the exchanges. The unnamed man, 37, had been working at the camp in Aghios Andreas, northeast of Athens, since the beginning of July and allegedly enticed children with gifts. The man is said to have coaxed an 11-year-old boy into his room by giving the child presents. He then encouraged the child to perform indecent acts with a 13-year-old boy so he could photograph them. The suspect had been working as a child psychologist in Maroussi in northern Athens for the last two years. Police said that they found five DVDs with indecent material in the man’s possession. A prosecutor charged him with seducing minors and indecently assaulting a minor. Athens Mayor Theodoros Behrakis said he had ordered an investigation into the matter but said the camp would continue to operate.