Cassandra restoration is planned

Regional officials from Halkidiki yesterday convened in Thessaloniki to plan the reforestation of the fire-ravaged prefecture and the construction of crucial barriers to avert floods and soil erosion. Meanwhile, forestry service units started assessing the extent of the damage wreaked upon Cassandra, where some 5,000 hectares of pine forest were burned by a weeklong blaze while local officials recorded the location of streams and outflow basins to plan anti-flood works. The plans for the works are due to be completed by the end of this month. Meanwhile, hundreds of charred trees will be felled and used to build anti-erosion barriers. Forestry service officials are to provide weekly progress reports on all activities to regional authorities. «Cassandra is a national asset and it is the duty of us all to back efforts for its rejuvenation,» the general secretary for Central Macedonia, Giorgos Tsiotras, said. The decision for Cassandra’s reforestation is to be issued by the local forestry service after the army’s geographical service’s analysis of aerial photographs depicting the devastation, officials said.