S. Korea sets sail for deals

South Korea and Greece could use their large shipping-related industries as a springboard to launch broader economic ties between the two nations, said South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun. In an interview with Kathimerini, the South Korean president said that talks during his three-day visit to Greece will also focus on trade, investment and technology. «Greece is the greatest shipping power in the world, while South Korea proudly holds first place in world shipbuilding,» said Roh. «So cooperation between shipping and shipbuilding is a good beginning which can only bring profit to both countries,» he added. During the first official visit by a South Korean president to Greece, Roh said that South Korea could also benefit from Greece’s experience in tourism. «The experience and know-how that Greece has acquired from the development of tourism in the Aegean Islands will be essential for the South Korean government for its development plan relating to the shores of southwestern Korea,» he pointed out.