Pinios is clean, say officials

Official laboratory results on the quality of water in the Pinios River, close to Larissa, show it to be of good quality despite complaints from local residents last month of a pungent smell emanating from the water. The test results, presented by the Trikala Prefecture yesterday, showed the water to be of «good to very good» quality. Pollution indicators in the main river are generally very low and do not indicate an anomaly in the ecological balance of the water environment, according to prefectural officials. In August, residents had complained about the stench of the water which they claimed had even kept them up at night. According to laboratory tests arranged by locals, the water was heavily polluted. Officials took their own samples at 20 different points along the river between March-May and July of this year. Additional tests are expected to be done in suspect areas to detect points where pollution may be entering the river system.