Bogus doctor plied trade for five years

A 52-year-old bogus doctor, alleged to have conned terminally-ill patients with fake potions and therapies for five years, had also masqueraded as a priest, police said yesterday after his arrest. Pericles Haros, whose surname means «Grim Reaper» in Greek, allegedly ran a surgery in Kypseli, near central Athens, offering «reflexology, psalm therapy and massage» treatments with the help of a 30-year-old woman. Haros was arrested by an undercover policeman whom he charged 50 euros for a massage. He and his associate were charged with fraud and illegally practicing medicine. Haros, who claimed to have a degree in «holistic alternative natural sciences» from Montenegro, had been arrested in 2001 for posing as a priest on TV. He is also alleged to own a church in Nea Ionia and to be building a second in Thebes.