No friends, or enemies, just interests

We have had power in Washington for 30 years. We have friends and supporters. When you go to the White House or State Department, do you make demands, even bang your fist on the table? If you do that, first the FBI will put you in prison. Secondly, the door to the White House would then be closed to you forever. The president might be replaced with another, but that door will always be closed. You can’t be left on the outside, you have to fight from within. It is important to keep the communication channels open. That is the important thing. Are you friendly with American Jews? Yes, because it is in our interest to be. They have 35 seats in Congress, we have two. We need them when a law favorable to us comes up for the vote. We go along with those who help us. When I am in Washington, I only look at what is in Greece’s interest. My priority is the integrity of the whole of Greece and our Patriarchate. So the end justifies the means? Exactly. As Churchill said, one doesn’t have enemies, one doesn’t have friends, one has interests. What is your opinion of George W. Bush? Listen, I voted for Bush, but now I think he has done a lot of bad things. He is not a good president.